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Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate(9003-04-7)

  • Name: Sodium polyacrylate
  • Synonyms:Hiviswako 105;Aron T 40;RH-D;2-Propenoic acid, homopolymer;Good-rite K 7058N;Aronvis SS;Carpolene;CWM 1105;Aron A 9;Pemulen TR-2;Indunal NKS;Neocryl A-1038;Haloflex 202;See also 2-Propenoic acid,polymers,homopolymer,sodium salt;Acrysol AC 5;Polymer of acrylic acid, cross-linked with allyl ethers of sucrose or pentaerythritol;Acrysol LMW 45NX;Carbopol 960;Noramer 9210;Versicol S 11;Aronvis AH 105;Propenoic acid polymer;Texcryl;Aron A 20PG;Polysel S;Geropon HB;Aronvis;Aqualic OP 203;PAA-25;Bevaloid 6574DD;Polymaster D 45;Acrylic acid, polymers;Polymer of 2-propenoic acid, cross-linked with allyl ethers of pentaerythritol;Sokalan PA 25;Aqualic DL 464;Cabloc 80HS;Dow Latex 354;Metolat FC 515;Polyacrylate elastomers;Aronvis GL;Plex 367F;Racryl;Tamol 983;Aron A 20P;Sumikagel NP 1010;Polyacryl 104S;Polyacryl 134S;POLYCO;Sodium salt of low-molecular polyacrylate;Sodium polyacrylate salt in water;Acrysol WS-24;Polymer of acrylic acid, cross-linked with allyl ethers of pentaerythritol;Carbopol 934;Polyacrylic Acid Sodium;Dispex T 40;2-Propenoic acid,polymers,homopolymer,sodium salt;R968;Atactic poly(acrylic acid);Versicol E 7;Himoloc DR 1500;KrigingKrilium;Arasorb 704;Nalco JM 006;Tychem 9501;Marpozol RA 40;WS 24;Aqualic DL 40S;Jurymer AC 10NP;Modicol VD;Toxanon GR 31A;Carbomer 910 [USAN];Polymer, carboxy vinyl;Tecpol;Aqualic DL 522;Carbopol 980;Alcosperse 107D;HP 1 (dispersant);Rokrysol WDP;Lytron 889;Viscomate P 460;Coatex P 50;WS 801;D-Floc 70;Polymer of 2-propenoic acid, cross-linked with allyl ethers of sucrose;Sokalan PA 50;Versicol K 11;Hydropalat 1706;Sokalan PA 20;Carbomer 910;Polyresin 5544;Dispex N 40;PAAS;Acrylic acid, polymer;Goodrite K 7200;Rheogic 250H;Colloid 208;Panakayaku CH;Good-rite K727;Toxanon GR 30;Cyguard 266;XPA;Antiprex A;Carbopol 941;Good-rite K-700;Synthemul 90-588;Sokalan PAS;Acusol 445N;Revacryl A 191;Dispex C40;Alcosperse 107;Good-rite K 732;P-11H;P 11H;Acrylic resin;Versicol S 25;Carbopol 934p;Daxad 37LN10;Primal ASE 60;Aron A 7100;Aron A 20PX;Versicol E15;Zonen B;Carboset Resin No. 515;Carbopol 1342;POLY(ACRYLIC ACID), SODIUM SALT;SAP( Super Absorbent Polymer);Sodinm Polpacrylate;Poiz 530;HOE-S 2793;Acrysol WS 24;Arolon;Degapas 4104N;LSP 1 (acrylic polymer);Acrylic acid polymer;Polyacrylic Acid Sodium (PAAS);PAAS (Polyacrylic Acid Sodium);PAAS --Polyacrylic Acid Sodium;POLY(ACRYLIC ACID, SODIUM SALT) AR;Good-rite K 739;Alcosperse 603N;RHOTEX GS;PAAS (Polyacrylic Acid Sodium) (PAA,PAPE,PAAS,PAPEMP);Polyacryl 184S;Polymerized acrylic acid;Pemulen TR-1;Acrysol HV 1;Polyacryl 124S;Acusol 445ND;Antiprex 461;Norasol 410N;Nopcosperse 44;TB 1131;Acrysol LMW 20N;SXM 75;Tamol 960;Busperse 49;Poiz 535;Aron A 20L;Colloid 211;Rokrysol WDP-A;Aron A 20ML;Solacrol T;G-Cure;Sokalan PA 30C1;Polystabil S 312;Carbomer 941 [USAN];Carboxy vinyl polymer;PA 11M;Paragum 165;Aron A 20LL;Sokalan PA 110;Panakayaku F;Aqualic CS 7;Polytex 973;Carbomer 940 [USAN];Arasorb S 100ND;835H;Acrylic polymer resins;Sanwet 3746-1;Paramel PA;Nalfloc 636;Polyacrylate;Carbopol 910;Aron 200U;Aqualic FH-S;Viscon 103;Alcosperse 602N;Dispex G 40;Jurimer AC 10H;OLD 01;Rohagit SD 15;Aqualic IH;Aron;Calgon CL 4000;Carbopol 981;Polymer of 2-propenoic acid, cross-linked with allyl ethers of sucrose or pentaerythritol;Sumikagel NP 1020;Sokrat 32S;Poly(acrylic acid);Carbopol 961;Panakayaku B;Sokalan PA 70PN;Aquatreat AR 700;Versicol E 9;Acrysol LMW 45N;Orotan 850;Alcosperse 149;Water-Lock J 550;Polysalz F;Narlex LD 34;Bonflock AA 400AH;Carbomer 934p [USAN];Polyacryl 114S;Aron A;Aqualic IH-L;Acrysol GS;Aronvis S;Aronvis M;SN Thickener A 818;Solidokoll N;Polysalz S;Plex 5367F;Polyacryl 208;Aronvis SSA;Darvan 7S;Luquasorb HC 9797F;Jaypol M 40;Sokarol T;Sokalan PA 40;Narlex PPE 1177;Mayo 148D;Acrylic polymer;Degapas 104;Carbopol 971P;Acrysol lmw-20X;Carbomer 934 [USAN];Jurymer AC 10N;Aron L 20;Acusol 410N;
  • Molecular Formula:(C3H3NaO2)n
  • Molecular Weight:94.04450
  • CAS Registry Number:9003-04-7
  • EINECS:999-999-2
  • Melting Point:12.5oC
  • Water Solubility:

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